The Mission:

To put an end to homelessness in Kern County through collaborative planning and action.

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For information: Homelessness Resources Administrative Assistant Jessica M. Janssen (661) 834-1580 or 


KCHC Coordinated Entry and Assessment Plan


Members of the KCHC support the “COMMUNITY DATA” vs. “AGENCY DATA” concept and that Members work together for the good of the community - especially the population who are homeless or at risk for homelessness, whom we serve; as well as supporting each other in this collective work. A Coordinated Entry and Assessment Plan is in place to ensure that every KCHC member (CoC funded or not) are "open doors" to stability; easily accessible to people who strive to escape or avoid homelessness. This is so that community members in fragile circumstances do not have to go from place to place, agency to agency, to receive services and begin their path to housing. Assessment is designed to be easily accessible no matter how people present (referrals, direct phone calls or visits, outreach activities, etc.) and with low barriers. 
People will not be screened out because of perceived barriers to housing or services; including but not limited to lack of employment or income, drug or alcohol use, or having a criminal record. In addition housing and homeless programs must lower their screening barriers in partnership with the Coordinated Entry and Assessment Plan; avoid steering people towards any particular program or provider simply because they presented at that location. 
The plan is reviewed annually and is a work in progress


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