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HUD announces $3.75m in local funding


HUD Announces $3.75m in local funding to help fight homelessness

US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro announced January 26, 2015, the awarding of $1.8 billion in grants to support nearly 8,400 homeless housing and service programs across the US. The Continuum of Care (CoC) grants awarded today included $3,750,970 for Kern County.

Funded through the local CoC, known locally as the Kern County Homeless Collaborative, these granted dollars support efforts to end homelessness by providing critically needed housing and support services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Additionally, Kern received reallocated project funding to increase permanent supportive housing for chronic homelessness. The new local project is facilitated by Clinica Sierra Vista who will expand its Homeless Most Vulnerable Projects.

SEE FULL FUNDED LIST. Funded agencies include:

  • Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assualt - $133,139

  • Bethany Services – Bakersfield Homeless Center - $611,307

  • California Veterans Assistance Foundation - $140,497

  • Clinica Sierra Vista - $461,779

  • Flood Bakersfield Ministries - $94,263

  • Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance - $117,643

  • Hearthstone Community Services - $437,057

  • Housing Authority of Kern County - $1,430,084

  • Kern County Mental Health - $80,409

  • Kern County Homeless Collaborative via United Way of Kern County - $37,500

  • Women’s Center High Desert - $116,606

HUD’s determination of funding levels for regions across the US, is based soley on each region’s Annual Renewal Demand (ARD) minus a percentage, determined by available federal funds. For the 2014 application for this 2015 funding year, that percentage was 2%. There is no correlation between the overall funding from HUD and the actual need in each region. This process was established several years ago. Before that funding allocations were based on the higher of ARD or Preliminary Pro-Rata Need (a formula based measurement of need for homeless housing and services in a given geographic area).

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