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Thankful for a home


After being homeless for several years Fredrick Herrera is spending Thanksgiving having moved into a place he can call home.

Initially Mr. Herrera lived with family but was asked to leave, due in part to his history with alcohol abuse. “Drinking drove a wedge between us” he said. Eventually the Mission at Kern County provided a safe place to lay his head.

In March of 2014 everything changed when he found himself in the hospital diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Instead of losing hope, he chose to respond positively and made one of the biggest decisions in his life. He enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and determined to stop drinking.

While staying at The Mission at Kern County Mr. Herrera became acquainted with the Clinica Sierra Vista Homeless Most Vulnerable Project. He worked diligently with staff and now has come to fulfill one of his goals – to have his own place to live.

Mr. Herrera continues to make positive choices. He attends AA, and goes to the library to surround himself with a positive environment. Mr. Herrera’s commitment to working with Clinica’s supportive case management has proven that with determination and hard work, goals can be achieved.

Now Mr. Herrera is working towards another goal, that of “bettering myself and my health.”

With partnerships of the Kern County Homeless Collaborative, and members such as The Mission at Kern County and Clinica Sierra Vista, many more individuals are experiencing a whole new “thankful” this holiday season.

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