The Mission:

To put an end to homelessness in Kern County through collaborative planning and action.

In This Section

For information: Homelessness Resources Administrative Assistant Jessica M. Janssen (661) 834-1580 or 




We cordially invite community partners to be a part of the effort “to put an end to homelessness in Kern County through collaborative planning and action.” Each individual and organization brings an added perspective to the collective effort! Paid membership in the Kern County Homeless Collaborative (KCHC) is an investment in this community. The annual membership dues of $500 accounts for a critical portion of the Collaborative’s operating budget. By participating through paid membership you are equipping and empowering a combined work of tremendous value, producing quantifiable outcomes – and changing lives invaluably!

The benefits of being a dues paying Voting Member of KCHC includes opportunities not available to non-paying Community Partners:

  • Voting participation in the decision making and business of the KCHC Full Membership and provides eligibility to be voted in as a Governing Board Member or a Committee Chair or Co-Chair Position.

  • Networking and collective efforts of partnering with dozens of nonprofit, faith-based, business and government organizations, private individual, and people who were or are without homes;

  • Use of the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data base (more than a $600 retail value, and includes FREE technical support) which allows the community to capture a full, real time picture of homelessness services. HMIS is required of all agencies who receive HUD Continuum of Care (CoC)* or Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG)  homelessness funding;

  • Priority participation in event and resource opportunities that may take place, such as the:

    • Annual Homeless Point in Time Count (including use of the final analysis data);

    • SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery) program including peer agency support - helping people who are at risk or who are homeless aquire SSI and SSDI benefits;

    • Options to participate in monthly outreaches, resource fairs and the Kern County Veteran Stand Down and Kern County Women Veterans Stand Up; and

    • Focused projects providing housing and services for targeted populations i.e. chronically homeless, veterans and youth.

  • A collective voice towards advocating for the homeless and educating local, state and federal stakeholders, philanthropic agencies and the public at large;

  • Assistance with your homelessness efforts through the support of United Way’s Director of Homelessness Resources (whose experience includes 30+ years of marketing and nonprofit expertise including public relations, crisis resolution, administration and grant writing experience);

  • Branding on the KCHC website

    • Agencies are featured including ongoing placement of agencies’ logos;

    • Membership contact, services information and resource links to your work;

    • Live links to your website and promotions for all who visit the website;

    • Referral documents and brochure links for your organization.

  • Social media promotions through the KCHC social media mediums i.e. list serve e-blasts,, (and soon Instagram). Your agency will be promoted as a member of KCHC including services and success stories, fliers, brochures, new programs, events, celebrated milestones, achievements, etc.; and

  • Participation as Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs. Committees capture your agency’s focus and provide individualized, smaller group discussions and decisions which drive the work of the Collaborative and the homeless effort county wide. The brainstorming and problem resolution environment is conducive to strengthening your organization’s work through the process.

  • Funding opportunities - Paid membership is required to be considered for any funding opportunities and the collective applications coordinated by KCHC, including CoC* US Housing and Urban Development funds, approximately  $5 million each year. Large agencies with multiple, substantial working departments (i.e. government or nonprofit corporations) are encouraged to participate through memberships for each applicable department or program related to serving those who are at risk for homelessness.

Now more than ever, support via membership dues is crucial. Issues associated with homelessness are complicated and solutions require considerable time, energy and financial investment.  Please consider membership and mail or deliver your check payable to United Way of Kern County and note “KCHC Membership Dues” to:


              c/o United Way of Kern County

              5405 Stockdale Hwy 200

              Bakersfield CA   93309

If you have any questions or comments, we are anxious to hear them! Please don’t hesitate to contact us: 661 834 2734 or

Working together offers us all a tremendous network of real solutions for the daily challenges faced by those we serve that are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless as well as our staff and each other.

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